Crosswalk - Singles Ministry

Our Crosswalk ministry is available for those who are single, in college or in their early years of a career. We offer a Sunday School class taught by one of our Elders and then midweek bible studies and fellowship time throughout the entire year. Often they will work with the Deacons and the Youth Group in local service projects, attend social events together or simply spend an evening talking.

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Adult Ministry

Adult MIn

We encourage everyone to be active in growing and serving in the life of the church. While many of these ministries are geared toward adults, many times the entire family serves side by side. Whether it is visiting a nursing home singing carols or playing chair volleyball, or it is bringing a meal over to someone with a new baby; the entire family is encouraged to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ together.

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Women’s Ministry

We desire to honor God by encouraging women to be firmly founded in the truths of God’s Word. We seek to provide opportunities for women to develop and nurture relationships with Jesus Christ and each other through Bible study, prayer, service and fellowship.

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Youth Ministry


Our Youth Ministry exists to bring GLORY TO GOD by WINNING lost students to Christ, BUILDING believing students in Christ & equipping them to SERVE for Christ in their lost world. Every activity of our youth ministry is aimed at bringing glory to our God whose “kingdom rules over all” (Ps. 103:19). Every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to bring God glory. So, whether we’re studying His Word or hiking in His creation or playing soccer in the gym we remember that it’s all for God’s glory.

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Local Outreach

Local - Cincinnati

We want to reach the people in our community and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible way. Our Deacons focus on ministries that allow us to get involved with the needs of our community. They encourage the congregation from helping with clothing drives, disaster relief efforts, and volunteerism.

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Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry

Put simply, our goal is to instill in the generation to come a love for the Lord. Our strategy is live a testimony before our children of love for the Lord and declare to them His praises which we see in Scripture and in our own lives. The knowledge of God must be seen in us (our testimony) and heard from us (our teaching).

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