June 2, 2019

To Our Church Family and Guests: Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus
We are blessed to have you worship with us today. If you are visiting for
the first time, we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out the “For
Our Guest” information portion of the bulletin, detach it and place in the
offering plate.
Sunday, June 2
9:30 am—Family Sunday School
10:45 am—Sunday Morning Worship Service* with Communion
❖ A time for respectful corporate worship and the preaching of God’s
❖ 2-4 Year-Old Class is in room 107; 2 year-olds may also go to the
6:00 pm—Mission Night: PMU Presentation*
Monday, June 3
Pastor Jason and Pastor Casey are on vacation through June 15.
Tuesday, June 4
7:00 pm—Dorcas Fellowship
Wednesday, June 5
6:00 pm—Summer Youth Group at Joe & Brandi Becker’s home
Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
6:30 am—Men’s Bible Fellowship
Saturday, June 8
Next Sunday, June 9
9:30 am—Family Sunday School Summer Quarter Begins
10:45 am—Morning Worship Service*
6:00 pm—Evening Worship Service*

*Nursery provided for Sunday School and AM & PM church service for infants through the age of 2.

Hearing assistance is available—please see an usher.
Church office: 563-6648 www.gracebpc.org info@gracebpc.org

GBPC Sanctuary WiFi Password: Welcome!

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