Wednesday Night R.O.C Outreach

Our preschool through 6th grade ministry, ROC (Resting On Christ), started on Wednesday, September 10 and is now in full swing.  This ministry is from 7:00 to 8:15 in our church’s fellowship hall each Wednesday night.

We are very excited for what we have planned this year.  Below here is an overview of the curriculum we’re going to be teaching and the memorization program we are starting this year.  Our goals are to prepare kids for their futures by:

  1. Showing them the supremacy of God in all things.
  2. Imparting to them a love for the Bible by using the excellent curriculum we’ve purchased from John Piper’s ministry: Children Desiring God as well as utilizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
  3. Beginning to build into their minds the basics of Christian doctrine through the memorization program.  Our goal for this is complete mastery of the memorization material.  We want them to walk away from ROC this year knowing these things so well that they will never forget them.

I would invite all of you to pray for this ministry.  We want this Wednesday night program to be a helpful and reliable part of everything you as parents are doing to bring your children up in the discipline and admonition of the Lord.  Children are worshippers by nature.  The question is not “if” they will worship but “what” they will worship.  And if we do not put Christ in all His saving glory before them as much as possible, they will fill their hearts with idols.  Pray that God would give them attentive hearts and ears to hear God’s Word.  Pray for the teachers and volunteers, that we would be excited to teach and to get to know and pray for the kids.  And pray that parents would take an active role in helping the kids to do the memory work.


Kindergarten / Pre-school

Curriculum Title: “He Has Been Clearly Seen”

Summary: A Study for Children on Seeing and Delighting in God’s Glory

Theme: Creation proclaims a message about God. From the smallest snowflake to the largest star, all creation gives powerful testimony to the greatness and worth of the one, true, eternal Creator. With special attention given to the Genesis account, the goal of this study is that children view creation as a wonderful gift from a good and loving Creator who wants them to see, understand, and delight in His glory.

Memorization goals:  The 10 Commandments / Questions 1-10 of the children’s catechism.


1st & 2nd Grades

Curriculum Title: “I Stand in Awe”

Summary: A Study for Children on the Bible

Theme: God, who is the most valuable Being in all the universe, reveals Himself with clarity and authority through His Word. This means that the Bible is precious and should be valued more than any other book. This study seeks to acquaint young children with the characteristics of the Bible and its message of redemption. The goal is for children to develop a deep affection for the Bible and learn to treasure its Author.

Memorization goals:  The 10 Commandments / The 66 books of the Bible / Questions 1-10 of the children’s catechism / Bible verses (Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9-10; 5:1-2).


3rd & 6th Grades

Curriculum Title: “Westminster Shorter Catechism”

Summary: A Study on the first 40 Catechism Questions.

Theme: Last year we studied the 10 Commandments and Roman’s Road. This year we are spending each week memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Our hope is that the children will not only memorize the words, but truly hide them in their heart. We focus not just on what the answer says, but what the answer means and how it is relevant to how we are to live our lives. We also review the scriptures associated with each question, showing how God’s word is living and active.

Memorization goals:  The 10 Commandments / Questions 1-40 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.



By His grace and for His glory,