We want to reach the people in our community and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible way. Our Deacons focus on ministries that allow us to get involved with the needs of our community. They encourage the congregation from helping with clothing drives, disaster relief efforts, and volunteerism. There is a short list of some of the specific ministries on the Missions Page.

There are numerous times of the year when another ministry or family in the church will take on a local project and encourage the whole church to participate. We are always asking people to find something they can invest in locally to share the gospel and their time. Some of the best opportunities for outreach starts with building a friendship and giving of your time to help others.

Included in Local Outreach is our community Evangelism. We are convinced that if we behold the majesty and glory of God and if we strive to walk in holiness and godliness; then the natural result will be a willingness and joy to share our faith. Certain Sundays we specifically ask you to invite family and friends to hear very clear messages on the Gospel. The pastoral staff arranges visitation and followup for those interested in knowing more about the Christian Faith. Vacation Bible School is geared toward inviting friends from your neighborhood to hear about Jesus Christ. There are countless opportunities for sharing your faith, and we make sure that you have the tools and encouragement to do that.

City Gospel Mission of Cincinnati

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” — Matthew 18:5. A ministry to the needs of the people of Cincinnati.

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Life Forward (Pregnancy Care)

“Our mission is to strengthen families by serving those with pregnancy related concerns, promoting sexual abstinence for unmarried persons, and caring for those who have experienced abortion.” A ministry to those that need help with parenting and pregnancy.

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Answers In Genesis

A ministry dedicated to discussing the Creation/Evolution issues and a museum designed to give a Christian world view on the origin of life and its purpose. Our church is an original Sponsoring church for the museum and we are located under an hour away.

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Western Reformed Seminary

To assist the church of Jesus Christ, and in particular the Bible Presbyterian Church, in all its God-given functions by providing theological training for its ministers, missionaries, and other Christian workers.

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Presbyterian Missionary Union

Dr. Len Pine is the national and international coordinator for church planting and mission field development.

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Athletes in Action

We support Adam and Joyce Kjorvestad in their ministry through the use of athletics to reach others with the Gospel.

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Gideons International

Local and international distribution of God’s Word.

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